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Ursula Badger

Bespoke Design Artisan Jewellery

International acclaimed designer

Trends come and go, but I have my own personal style, whether that be dressing myself or my home. Fashion changers and innovators influence what we think is beautiful or stylish. We adapt and grow personally with our own sense of fashion and personal style being how we display this to the world.

I have spent many years, as an interior designer, working to create stunning resorts and hotels around the world. I have been the recipient of many prestigious awards for my designs and have been described as the jewel in the crown of the Gold Coast design world. This eye for detail and quality, along with my appreciation for beautiful things has led me to create this gorgeous collection of jewellery.

All the creations are 100% handmade. The metals we are using, brass, copper and stainless steel are nickel free and non-allergic. The materials used to adorn my pieces are mostly semi-precious stones, originating from Australia, Brazil, South America, Africa and other locations. While we also use wood and shells, these are all natural materials. Some stones are enhanced to provide the amazing colours and looks while maintaining the beauty, composition and energy of mother earth.

As a wholesaler & importer, we sell directly to retail outlets, therefore only provide a sample of some or our range. To contact a stockist nearest you, please visit our Purveyors page.

If you have a retail outlet and are interested in stocking our Bespoke Pieces, please complete this Application Form, and we will be in touch.

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